It’s time to get your grill’n on! Our Grilling Sampler Pack is perfect for kicking up your grilling skills. It will include our Salt Free Garlic & Herb Seasoning for meats, vegetables or potatos, dry or oil rubbed. Our Northwoods Jerk Seasoning for some awesome flavor on Pork, Salmon or Chicken either dry or oil rubbed. Use our Raspberry Wine Jelly as a delicious base for marinades or dipping sauces. The sweet heat of our Jalapeno Pepper Jam is perfect brushed on at the grill or on the side as a dip, try adding it to your BBQ sauce for some super flavor. Add our Maple Sugar to your wet or dry rub before grilling for great caramelization on any grilled meat. Add the wonderful dark richness of our Stout Beer Jelly into your burger mixture, grilling sauce or marinade for a delicious flavor. Make the most of your grilling season!

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Wild Rice - Long Grain, Polenta & Flour

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Wild Rice Soups, Panbreads & Pancake Mix