a clarifying personal note to our fabulous customers: You may have seen our facebook page with the news we are shutting the doors of our Wine and Food retail shops in McGregor, MN sometime after Labor Day. This is due to a cancer diagnosis that jay received a year ago. We will still maintain and ship our food products from our minnestalgia.com website along with blazewildrice.com, mojowildrice.com and spoonywildrice.com. The only items that may not be on it, after Labor Day, are the Pepper Jams and the Beer Jellies. We so greatly appreciate the outpouring of love we have received from everyone. God Bless You All!

It’s Summer and that makes it Wild Rice Salad Season - Buy a 5# Bag of any Wild Rice Product, get a Free 1# Bag of Wild Rice and 8 of our Best Wild Rice Salad Recipes, when you use Promo Code Freerice. (do not add a 1# rice to your cart, we will automatically ship when we see the code)

Wild Rice is one of the healthiest foods and there is nothing better than a cold Wild Rice Salad waiting in the refrigerator when you get home after a hard day of work.

Wild Rice Salads are great as a quick meal or a tasty side dish when grilling and we are sending enough Recipes to have a new one in the fridge every week! Promo code Freerice is good for online, in person or over the phone shopping. 800-328-6731.

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